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I was raised in Cape Breton, NS and currently live in Toronto, ON. I completed my MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, MD where I also earned a certificate in
college teaching; prior to that I studied interactive art and technology at the Canadian Film Center Media Lab in Toronto, ON, took classes as a non-degree student at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, ON, and earned a BA Hons in International Development and a Major in English, graduating with distinction (cum laude) from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS.

I work predominantly in social practice, performance and drawing and often incorporate interaction, site specificity, duration, photo and video as defining artistic elements. Ultimately a commitment to connectedness, exchange and sustainability form the basis of my creative practice and further to that, I value how absurdity can be used as a creative device and catayst for interaction.

As an emerging artist I have been very active in establishing an exhibition profile and have been reviewed externally by critics such as Gary Michael Dault in The Globe and Mail, Canada, Becky
Hunter in Art Papers Magazine, USA, and Eames Armstrong in Performa Magazine, USA. My work has been presented across Canada and the US, highlights include: The Contemporary Museum, Guest Spot Gallery, and The Reinstitute, in Baltimore, MD; Norte Maar Gallery, in Brooklyn, NY; Emerge Art Fair and Hillyer Art Space, in Washington, DC; The LiveArt Series in SummerWorks Festival, Free Fall Festival, and I was selected as an Untapped Emerging Artist to present at The Artist Project – a contemporary art fair in Toronto, ON.

This spring I completed PIER / Platforms in the Southwest, for which I traveled through the Southwest of the USA for 60 days, salvaging materials, building a pier and installing it in unconventional locations that ranged from remote, desert areas, to dense, urban centers. While the first three weeks of PIER / Platforms were driven to cultivate opportunities for collaborating with other artists and interact with the public, the latter five weeks, consisted mostly of me working independently, traveling through very remote areas, camping and installing the pier in deserts. During these 60 days, I produced over twenty-five desert installations and a handful of urban installations, documenting each widely with photo, video and journaling. While, during the installation phase, the pier functioned literally as a platform for reflecting and conversing on these themes, now, after the fact, it operates as a visual poem and metaphor.

Earlier pieces I produced, that directly informed this recent body of work, include: PIER: Toronto and One Year and Twenty-Four Days of Fishing. For Pier: Toronto, I installed a pier in 7 locations along Queen Street West, sitting on it at each location for eight hours a day, treating it as a platform for exchange and documenting the interactions I had with people. Pier: Torontowas created in/for the LiveArt Series at SummerWorks Festival in 2014 and was noted by Torontoist as one of their favorites in the festival. For One Year and Twenty-Four Days of Fishing, I carried a fishing rod and wore rubber boots everywhere for over a year. The fishing rod was the catalyst that prompted spontaneous reactions from people, who, more often than not, were random strangers and at times, conversations that began with the fishing rod ended hours later, building a sense of connectedness between strangers.

Meanwhile, the subject matter of my work is most distilled in my 2D practice, where I experiment with a range of media to draw or apply the word “AND” repeatedly in various styles. By treating “AND” as a mode of expression as well as a structural too, I create pieces that are at once reductive, formal and conceptual. For me, this syllable, this word, represents connectedness and by drawing it through processes of repetition, overlap, magnification and distortion I investigate the nature of form and language as constructions.