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Provisions for Buoyancy

Provisions for Buoyancy, 2017

In September, I completed the Bresler Artist Residency at VisArts in Rockville, MD. During that residency, I worked with materials I salvaged locally from dumpsters etc. to create a series of provisions – such as a life jacket, a life ring, body boards, a paddle board etc; I then used these as props in a series of performance actions that involved my walking for extended periods while carrying or wearing a provision for buoyancy through parts of Washington, D.C. that would be flooded if the sea level was to raise by five feet.

I documented the project extensively and took pictures of the materials I salvaged, the process of making provisions and the performance actions I performed in Washington, D.C. Additional info and images can be accessed here: https://provisionsforbuoyancy.blogspot.com/

PIER / Platforms in the Southwest, 2016

I traveled for 60 days by car from Toronto, CAN to the Southwest, USA. Salvaging materials along the way that were used to build a pier, which I then installed in various unconventional locations that ranged from busy urban areas, to remote, desert locations. While the first three weeks of PIER / Platforms was heavily driven to cultivate opportunities for working with other artists and interact with the public at large, the latter five weeks, consisted mostly of my working independently, traveling through very remote areas, camping and installing the pier in deserts. Over the 60 days, I performed over 25 desert installations and a handful of urban installations, documented each widely with photo, video and journalling. Please visit the project's blog for more info and images: www.pierplatforms.blogspot.ca

PIER       fishing_at_PS1          
PIER, 2013-14

I built a dock and installed it in various locations within the downtown core of Toronto, ON, treating it as a platform for reflection and exchange.

Mary Ellen, 2011-present

Mary Ellen is a satirical character I conceived and perform to challenge perceptions of society, art and economy. I treat Mary Ellen as an alter ego and have various video blogs, including: Mary Ellen Likes Things Free, Mary Ellen Acts Like An Artist, Mary Ellen Gets Personal, and Mary Ellen Likes Chickens

One Year and Twenty Four Days of Fishing, 2010-11

I carried a fishing rod and wore rubber boots everywhere for over a year. The fishing rod was a catalyst for interaction.

Fishing at PS1 Contemporary, Long Island City, NY, 2010

A performance intervention at PS1 Contemporary in Long Island City, NY, 2010

pier mary ellen over a year of fishing fishing at ps1